Want to spend few hours everyday to promote Nubits

I’m internet marketer.
Work full time online.
Involve in crypto currency community for 2 years.
Lot of confidence on Nubits project.

As a shareholder of Nubits I want to spend few hours everyday to promote Nubits.

Please let me do something for Nubits project.


What skills do you have? What projects do you think you could run? We want to move away from central planning in marketing; people should feel empowered to use their own skills to promote NuBits how they feel is best. That could involve commenting about NuBits in other cryptocurrency communities, commenting on external articles that talk about Bitcoin volatility or competitors like BitUSD/Tether, or developing a new tool like NuBippy that can be used on our website.

If you can share what types of internet marketing you currently do, others might be able to chime in and begin to think of new ways of promoting NuBits using your unique skills and abilities.

I work on Social Media Marketing (SMM), forum/blog posting, comments.

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Excellent! You can get the change to promote a bleeding edge technology with the potential to revolutionise finance and crypto !

There tons of activity you could do to promote Nu, especially by informing potential adopter of what NuBit is and how is the stability kept. This is usually enough to spark curiosity or skepticism, which can be both addressed with patience.

Every shareholder that wishes to see an capital gain and increased dividends should be doing this every day.

Suggestion : prepare a script , you have tons of material including the press pack. Put together a short yet effective way to convey the message.

  • First make sure you are prepared to answer questions . Read up a bit the white paper, the forum, and make sure the basics mechanisms are clear for you. Identify who are the main users of NuBits right now and target them.
  • Listen : follow social media, reddit, altcoins channel, startups, news sites, and when the “volatility” problem emerges, gently drive people to NuBits .
  • Promote : actively tweet about NuBits, seek potential partners, drop a line to let people know we are here. Invite people to discuss here, open a community blog to let people write on it, send 45 emails a day, go to conferences, meetups.
  • Engage : on twitter, mention traders and arbitrageurs, send them here . In twitter, wich exchanges, in trollboxes…
  • Get in contact with crypto services, companies, news-sites, sending them a nice professional email.
  • Developers, developers, developers . Attract them, speak about parking, voting, trading bots and things that will get them excited.
  • Create and maintain a digest service for shareholders with top news, thread, motions, custodians elections… etc

If you want to volunteer for something specific, I am confident we can find something.


I hope I’ll be able to start my work within 3 days. I have lot of confidence on NuBits.

Thanks @desrever for your tips.


perhaps we need also a custodian proposal about preparing an advertising campaing in major sites,
i am not sure if this kind of proposals exists :slight_smile:

Those types of activities will happen in Phase 2 of our Marketing Roadmap Nu Marketing Roadmap

Still need to finalize some of our major protocol adjustments before requesting funds for external activities. The good news is that the other stage completion criterion (the development of a mobile wallet) looks like it will be complete in the near future.

I’ll do it as a volunteer. :smile:

This is fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for: what to focus to help NuBits/NuShares to grow. I’m on it!!!

If every shareholder spend few times to promote NuBits, our future will be bright.

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