Want to sell 500BKS @6.4$, only BTC acceptable

Anyone interested in it? We may find escrow on forum.

Lost your confidence in BCE?

B&C is my sole cryptocurrency investment, that’s not good. I need diversify my invest.

And I’ve not found many Hayek fans here, except two of you.

anyways of finding another exchange that can accept BKS like Kraken also you can buy sell on https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/explorer/assets use chrome if explore doesn’t connect


It seems there is no BKS market there.

Arent much of a trader are you?

Don’t understand your english.

Diversifying is always good necessary to spread risk!
Both Nu and BCE are corporations with expenses, a huge potential, but a big chance to fail - they can go bankrupt.
I’d feel more comfortable with PPC, because PPC can only really fail, if there’s technical problems with it.
Although I don’t think BTC will be here long term, short to mid term (next 5 to 8 years) it has a good chance to stay just because of the network effect.
We’ll know more soon after the coinbase reward halving.
Emercoin is a peercoin fork that has some potential with regard to offering infrastructure services (PKI, name services, etc.) on a sustainable basis.
Ethereum is onother infrastructure blockchain, but I really have no clue, whether too much of it is hype at the moment. Offering a decentralized kind of computer sounds intriguing.
Slimcoin is another Peercoin fork that introduced proof of burn to continuously secure a blockchain very sustainable and with interesting consequences for “nothing at stake” as far as I understand it. Sadly it’s almost dead and I don’t know whether it’s still traded anywhere.
I don’t really want to give you investment advice, but I wanted too name a few, which have some potential (some more some less) for different reasons

I’m still learning, because monetary policy is not exactly my profession.
But Hayek’s ideas sound promising and I sense a lot of potential there.

I would get some BTC by selling BKS. Maybe storj, MaidSafeCoin?
Any experiment need to comply a decent theory, otherwise will fail, and each person has his own standard of “decent”.

I know almost nothing about MaidSafe and only little about storj, but storj seems to have potential. It’s another infrastructure project and offers services beyond providing an open ledger - of that there’s already too many, if you ask me.

I like the adventure with real application rather than price speculation, and selling concepts.