WalletGenerator.net now supports NuBits!

I haven’t tried it out yet, but the link is below. Many different wallet generation options available.


Nice to see this functionality available. Slightly off-topic, but just wondering would you be able to park NBT with interest from a cold wallet? Especially when NBT is parked for longer this might be attractive. If possible, we might need an instruction to so.

I’m assuming you’re trying to provide an unpark address, which is in cold storage:

The coins get unparked automatically by running the NuBits client, not by themselves if I remember correctly. Your cold wallet would in fact stay “empty”, if the coins are not unparked from the network through the above method.

I think I need to rephrase my question, can you park coins in cold storage? I think the answer is no now I think of it as you would have to import the key into the wallet before you can park them. Unparking directly into cold storage is an option by providing such address as unpark address. Thanks for getting me on track again…