I am not running bce client since it will not boot up anymore.
I hope the wallet.dat that I have saved so far will be compatible with any future versions of bce, if any.
I suppose it will be the same with Nu client and Nu wallet.dat .
I am correct?

what is the current working version of bce ?

I d like to resume minting?

Still 5.01

is it working fine with you?

Just tried to start and stop. It takes a bit of time to sync once you have stopped. Eating lots of CPU time, but it catches up after about 12 hours, I had it run overnight so don’t exact time. But it is minting and synced right now.

good to know. thank you.
by the way, off-topic, do you have a working bce client?

I believe I answered that in my previous email. What else do you mean by working?

sorry. misread. i will install bce 5.0.1 and see how it goes here.

My client BCE 5.0.1 keeps crashing after starting. I run a desktop (8GB, 3Gz).
I think I d need to download the whole blockchain. Would someone have a torrent file?