Wall Observer - NuShares price movement tracking & discussion

I see $0.002166.

One reason is probably because B&C didn’t get funded. Hopefully the second attempt will be different.

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Simple. Lack of interest at Nu Network. Nushares holders cutting losses. Nu Network leaders should start campaigning for more awareness and implement use cases. Simple case of an innovative product that no one wants to buy.


My opinion is, but I have no idea how Nu works, or I do not understand … The Network leaders do not understand the relationship between the dollar and Nubits. It looks to me like this. You want a demand of Nubits, even if the dollar falls. That’s as far as I understand, at the expense of Nushares.
Actually Nushares should be something like government bonds and Nubits something like the dollar. This only works when the dollar rises.
Now the dollar falls slightly. And now Nubits is something like government bonds (you get interest) and Nushares behave like the dollar (no dividend for inflation)
That’s what I do not understand. The NuNetwork can not function in a highly fluctuating dollar. One would have to take a basket of currencies that are stable.

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NBT is only as stable as USD, you are right. However, USD is vastly more stable than BTC and is still being used as the world standard.

Think of it in market caps. When the dollar falls, the market cap for NBT stays the same because it is in units of $1. NSR, however, is mostly recorded in terms of NSR/BTC, so it will most likely go up if the dollar falls. This will increase the NSR marketcap (also in units of $1) and allow us to print more NBT, thereby increasing the NBT market cap to match USD inflation. This works as long as USD doesn’t move too quickly.

We can always switch our peg to a different fiat if USD is no longer the world standard. We could also switch to basket of goods. However, for the moment, NBT pegged to USD should work fine.


It’s important to note that Nu is still outperforming almost every competitor that was released after us. Of the 21 projects ahead of NuShares in market cap today, only two were released after Nu: Banxshares (which only released 37% of shares to the public, and are only traded on an internal exchange that self-reports numbers), and PayCoin (which is an outright scam).

NuShares have never traded in a bull market in its entire history. It’s tough to be critical of the performance of NuShares when by all accounts it has out-paced the market. Peercoin has dropped 90% from last summer for example. The past year and a half has seen a severe contraction in enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies from the heights of January 2014. As long as we’re improving our products (NuBits) though, I’m optimistic that enthusiasm will begin to grow once more and the price of NSR will reflect that.


Uses cases are already in the making.
The shapeshift plugin of the Android wallet (release 2 of version 2.0) allows paying with NBT everywhere a payment for which shapeshift offers conversion is supported.
The MasterCard that allows access to crypto funds is another nice tool.
These are very basic use cases that allow paying with NBT at places that don’t support NBT directly (yet), while having the advantages of a stable, pegged crypto currency.
Other use cases will follow into the real world. There are a lot more ideas.

But first the liquidity providing needs to be brought to a higher level.
And that is in the making as well.
With NuLagoon and the mushrooming TLLPs there are very sophisticated approaches to provide liquidity available.

Try to keep some hope.
It’s normal that a young business needs to invest before it’s making revenue.
Nu might still fail. But I’m confident that Nu will be here for some more time.
Nu survived February this year and the default of its main exchanges.
The basics are solid.


Huge dump. NuShares NuShares $ 1,108,105 $ 0.001360 814,675,606 NSR * $ 2,787 -32.86 %

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When bitcoin price goes up people tend to sell other assets to buy BTC to catch some upward movement.

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Huge Dump -
30 NuShares$ 1,642,866$ 0.002016814,776,474 NSR *$ 2,608-15.78 %

Is a good observer thread as well.

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Price now around $ 0.001600/NSR on ccmc - ouch!

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If we buy back everything we sold a while ago we could probably make >10% on the hedge.

Perhaps I can help support NSR price - When did you sell how many shares at which spot price on which market for which purpose?

I have 300 NuBits to spend. The price is around $0.0016. If anybody would like to sell me 185,000 NuShares, then please PM me.

Perhaps ppl are depressed and selling whatever they can?

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All of this selling was triggered by somebody finding an XT block in Bitcoin. That and all the uncertainty caused by the block size debate is causing all the panic. NuShares are most likely just following Bitcoin’s path downward.

If so, we’ll see much more interesting downward price for NSR in the very near future. In other case too, btw.

Bring it on. I’m ready to stock up on NuShares. I’ve been strapped for money over the last 3-4 months, but now my situation is better and I plan on buying every chance I get. Looks like I picked the right time.

I’m interested in buying back NSRs in pretty large quantity too but naturally exchanges dont cater well to that goal.
I believe the unseeded auction iniatiated by @nagalim could respond to such demand of mine.

Otherwise, is there any category or topic where nushareholders discuss and announce their ASK/BID offers for nushares?

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I think it would be healthy for NSR to have some open market activity and for that reason I would rather buy from the open market than privately. I just bought 500k at 0.0000074 BTC prices because I think NSR is massively undervalued right now.