Voting with locked wallet

As I haven’t found the Dummies section, I need to post this question here.
When trying to find out how votings work, I stumbled upon the question whether or not it’s necessary to unlock the wallet if the NuShares shall be used for a voting.
I haven’t found the answer and when simply trying it looks like unlocking the wallet is not necessary. Is my impression correct?
I bet I get something wrong here…

If I understand correctly you actually vote when you a mint block. So sure you can select your votes but you aren’t actually doing anything until you solve a block.

Thank you for that correction. That makes sense. I was wondering about not getting an error message, though.
I’m just starting to find out how this works…
…“getvote” in the debug windows shows you the currently configured votes - that’s what I’ve found out :wink:

As @Yurizhai said, you only vote when you mint a block. If your wallet is encrypted you must unlock it for minting as you would with Peercoin.