[Voting] Sponsor BlockHacks

NuBits can get exposure and a chance to discover developers by sponsoring MLG’s event BlockHacks in Montreal.

Date: March 23–24
Cost: $5–$10K


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NuBits will sponsor the event BlockHacks in March 2018 with budget $10,000 US paid by Liquidity Operations in host MLG Blockchain’s preferred cryptocurrency. Spending may be less than budget.


Do we choose, suggest problem(s), or give them freedom to invent?

It is encouraged that you provide some problem questions for your dev track to help students come up with ideas.

Who will own resulting code in the hackathon?

The teams will own the code. You will be able to recruit the teams. Code will all be open sourced.

What kind of merchandise can you produce, and where would it appear?

We are going to produce a tshirt for the event with all the sponsors. We can also have whatever merchandise you send including NuBits tshirts, stickers, etc.

How prominently would NuBits be featured in the event?

Nubits would be featured along with the other sponsors and developer tracks. Nubits would be in the after video, on the website, on the marketing material, with banners and whatever additional merchandise you want at the event and with a custom prize and judge spot. It will be a great way to get awareness with students in Montreal who are some of the best in the country and many of whom are from Toronto, Montreal and globally so it will be great for recruitment

Have you created leaflets before?

We have an in-house design team for pamphlet designs and can help you with this.


BlockHacks is a blockchain hackathon for entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, designers and developers. The hackathon will take place over a 24-hour period and will include workshops by blockchain industry professionals. The focus is on inspiring the next generation of blockchain entrepreneurs to build decentralized applications, contribute to code at the infrastructure level and create cool new ways to introduce people to blockchains and digital currency. The judges of blockhacks are professionals in the blockchain industry who are actively looking to make blockchain investments and who can help take projects that were ideated during BlockHacks to market.



Maison Notman House
51 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal, QC H2X 1X2

March 23rd

5pm: Hackathon opening and Challenge Revealed

March 24th

10am–11am: One hour coding workshop
7pm–8:30pm: Presentations and Judging
8:30pm–9pm: Deliberation
9pm: Winners announced
9pm–End: Networks and Drinks

Food will be served the 24th, there will be light snacks in AM, lunch and dinner