[Voting] Reimbursement of Poloniex's Lost NuShares

ammount requested : 18459705 NSR
address : Scp8tehugMVXHrnmgzVK63bAJEsFUW1XDz

for any one who was not following from the beginning let me explain to you :
exactly 8 months ago poloniex delisted nushares promising nushare holders that they will be able to withdraw their balance any time
since then we have been trying to withdraw our funds but poloniex refused
we tried to contact them but they also refused contacting us
i don’t know what will happen next but i don’t expect poloniex will allow us to withdraw the nushares however they still can’t sell or make any transaction with this nushares since they still belong to us
by time we now have no hope in poloniex but we still have faith in the nu project
i ask nushare holders to think deeply about the future of the nu project . think about those new shareholders who want to assist nu but can’t beause they can’t have access to their nushares ?
do you want a centralized system that is owned by only a few people or do you want this project to become more popular and get more investors and more users ?
please accept printing new nushares for the poloniex users just for the sake of this project and if by any chance poloniex decided to fix their wallet we still can burn this nushares they have after printing the new ones
here is a proof that i own this amount

but ofcourse because i know that this image can be faked this is not enough proof
thats why any of the voters can PM me and i will show you live ( using team viewer) that i own them . i am ready to provide any other proof you ask
if you wont vote for printing this newshares at least please give me a logical reason why

How to vote, I met the same problem!

we can’t because we don’t have access to our nushares . that’s the problem in the first place

I have the same issue, I’m getting mad with this.

Maybe we should get our strenghts togheter and do something in common

not our false, please go to poloniex

well yes it’s not your fault but we expected some support from the community . polo doesn’t have to help us but the community should have helped us because we have a mutual goal the nu project


That’s what we try to do for months now.

tell me you have not tried to write a complaint on the site bbb? I recently had a deal with lock my account on bittrex. week not responsible for the ticket. after treatment through the site bbb, I just answered and unblock my account.