[Voting] masterOfDisaster's Motion to Apply as Default Datafeed Provider for B&C

This motion represents the candidacy of masterOfDisaster’s B&C datafeed to become a default data feed provider for B&C. Voting for this motion will increase the probability that masterOfDisaster’s B&C datafeed will be chosen as a default data feed provider upon a specific installation of B&C Exchange version 5.

More information about why you should vote for this can be found here: Voting for default data feed providers

To support this motion please add the following motion hash to your client:


Hashed proposal: https://daology.org/proposals/395d74ecc5720759bd76136558ff1b636bf7b333

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Hashed proposal link does not work.

Right, was still flagged “private”.
Please try again.


I am proud to be the first voted for your motion. (getmotions)

Thank you for your vote of confidence! :slight_smile:

Let’s say I’m subscribed to Cybnate’s data feed. Cybnate is voting for herself, so I wouldn’t have to do anything different if I wanted to vote for her. But what if I also wanted to vote for MoD? If I add in MoD’s motion to my client, would that work, or would Cybnate’s data feed override my vote for MoD and the motion I manually entered would vanish since Cybnate isn’t supporting MoD’s motion. Would I have to disable the data feed and then vote for both manually? I’m not sure how that works if I want to vote for something in addition to what my data feed provider is supporting.

Easiest way: try it!
My understanding is that data feeds override all settings (for which the boxes are checked) each time they’re pulled.

If you want to keep @Cybnate’s data feed registered, but vote for mine as well, uncheck motions from @Cybnate’s data feed and enter both motions manually.
That should work.
But please verify it!

As far as I understand frequency voting, you’d be better off with it in such cases (assuming some people vote for @Cybnate and me) :wink: