[Voting] Liquidity Operations NSR Custodial Grant

Here is the final version of this grant:

Despite a high level of NSR grants the last few years compared to our entire history, they have been slowing down. In 2018, 1.5 billion NSR was created via custodial grant. In 2019, we reduced NSR grants to 700 million NSR. In 2020, we reduced it further to 500 million. This is the smallest NSR grant in 3 years at 300 million, a mere 5% of the total circulating supply of NuShares.

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This is on track to pass in a few days, with 86% support in the last 300 blocks.

This passed with 88% of the vote in recent blocks. It is an extraordinary consensus, considering that the default is a “no” vote. This means minters not paying attention or abstaining count as a “no” vote.