[Voting] Development Funds Management Team (DFMT)


It will become easier once consensus among AES holders, who are still NSR holders and maybe BKS holders, forms that effort (time, money) is better spent on Augeas than on Nu or B&C.
Although that will mean writing off the Nu and B&C investment by and large
Yet it will provide resources to Augeas :wink:


I have seen this false claim repeated so many times that I have mostly stopped attempting to correct it. However, for Cybnate I will take the time once more to state the simple truth of the matter.

Every single transaction my department has ever engaged in is completely public, whether on blockchain or on exchange. The blockchain addresses have all been defined on this forum. There is no more transparency possible. You can’t improve on full and complete disclosure. Claiming we aren’t transparent is terribly unfair and inaccurate. I would dare say we are the most transparent financial organization on the planet. It is an example of a false claim that has been repeated so many times around here. The forum is chalk full of false and libelous claims at this point.

I suspect part of what is happening is that very few people actually understand our money flows, even though they are all completely public. That is because they aren’t watching. It isn’t fair for someone to accuse us of not being transparent because they are are not watching, and are personally unaware of our money flows. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean we aren’t transparent. It means you haven’t done your reading. And why would you do that reading? It is really boring.


This is how I have the fund flows in my mind.

I’m sure there are misconceptions; I’d be delighted to be corrected.


Keep ignoring my requests it won’t do your credibility any good. It’s amazing how you keep suggesting that what you do is open and transparent while at the same time any request to disclose information is totally ignored. Not even do you ignore the requests even a comment on why you are ignoring the requests remains absent.

You’re essentially worse than Trump, at least he doesn’t claim he is transparent considering his finances. Your sheer determination to keep broadcasting the same bullshit while ignoring any legitimate questions is truly amazing. You remind me of the news readers in North Korea or that PR guy from the Assad regiment that kept denying there was a civil war going on.


Let’s keep politics out of it, please. I see that Phoenix is essentially ignoring all non shareholder’s questions. You, @Dhume, on other hand is one, so you should get an answer , right?


Jesus, @backpacker, what a weird statement from you. Is everything ok?

He made use of an analogy, where the heck did he bring in politics?


Of course he brought in politics.


lol, as if the politics themselves were to be brought in for discussion. If I say that @Phoenix is an asshole, would you say I brought in anatomy?


I have no interest in arguing with you. Politics should be kept out of this forum.


I totally agree with you, I can’t see what we should be arguing about. Politics should be kept out of this forum.


I will keep being member of Nu community for a little while as long as there is some hope.
I also support Augeas ans BCE.
Diversification is crucial when you do investment.
Phoenix has too much power over Nu obviously
However it is allowed by the blockchain and all the transactions can be checked.
So no scam is possible here.
However failure is.
Centralization could kill Nu, indeed. The risk is high right now.
However do not underestimate all the efforts and the history:2y already.
A lot of wisdom can be acquired from here.

I have never supported any of the controversial motions written by Phoenix.

Balance is everything. Right now Nu is totally unbalanced in terms of power.
Let s improve that.

My investment in Nu has been divided by at least 10.
I poured a lot of money in Nu.
I have been a datafeed for both Nu and BCE.
I did recruiting for BCE.
I did promotion for Nu.
I was once a liquidity provider for Nu and nearly lost my money.
Please take actions. Words are just talk and sometimes noise.
I d like Nu to be successful.

Time for unity despite the divisions not unlike the current state of the US.

For the record, i have disclosed all the payments i have recieved from angela in nubits.

What do you want me to disclose too?

Thank you.


OK, let’s just for one moment follow this seemingly crazy thought that all funds that were existent and which were sent to @Phoenix are unrecoverable, and you won’t ever see a Penny of it again.

What would be the next steps in this community? Augeas? Raising more money from newcomers? And then send it again to JL because some motion with mysterious supports mandates it?

Everyone who still reads this forum on a weekly basis, what would you suggest to be the next steps if above assumption is correct? No matter if you believe its true, I really would be interested in hearing your thoughts and that.


Ditch peershares and come make dacs using PeerAssets. It’s pretty clear that NSR distribution is wacky and all the peershares forks that currently exist are based off it. We need a fair PoS distribution and many IPO methods. Because PA is PPC blockchain aware and PPC already has value, the IPO can be done transparently. The voting and dividend distribution and all the mechanisms of the governance would be done independently of the underlying blockchain.

Anyway, the way I see it if the B&C dev funds are gone then there is no intrinsic worth to any PeerShare aside from the tarnished to shit Nu brand. Since we’re starting over, what’s so great about PeerShares anyway? It makes the UTXO table an absolute mess.


B&C Exchange shareholders should find something to spend the funds on and see whether they’re responsive. If there’s a majority shareholder, that shareholder should want something to be done with the network as it’s not generating any revenue yet and the shares are not worth much. Find a way to engage that shareholder if needed. Rationally, there should be a way.

Anyway, this thread is about Nu.


Well so we know pheonix is the majority shareholder, he was just printed an extremely large amount of shares with the explicit purpose of being a trusted majority shareholder. If pheonix has control over nu trading plans (and b&c dev funds) and is making money off insider trading, isnt it completely rational that he would shoot down any and all plans to do anything other than what he wants with the money?


Absolutely. And don’t you think that @jooize’s irrelevant or/and false/stupid/ignorant/ridiculous answers to any question are rational, too? He is by far the bribe money champion, what do you expect?

@Phoenix says that creating a market for BKS is more important than development right now. Of course it is, with OTC trades he can’t really effectively manipulate the price. He wants that market so hard, he wants to manipulate the price and he wants that price to become visible for us with decent volume. He will keep the dev funds back and put development on halt. Once some of us sold, he will push development and the price. NU and B&C are both not “our” project. They both belong to the Chief Bird and the Chief Bird only. He is the one with the dev money, he is the one with insider knowledge, he is the one with the majority in voting power in both networks.

@Nagalim and @mhps (and many more…) both have raised solid and valid concerns (SDD and voting behavior, respectively). Surprisingly, the bribe money champions @jooize abstained from commenting on both of them. It’s either because you @jooize are dumb as hell and don’t understand numbers and graphs that well. Or it’s because you are corrupt like fuck. Or both.
Every single penny you @jooize take means a dilution to every single honest member of the network. Effectively, you take money from anyone with morals and wariness who doesn’t take money. Do you think that most of these people here wouldn’t be able to perform the ridiculous shit you are performing? Do you really think that? Do you think you deserve money that per se is an excessive dilution to anyone’s stake here? Do you really keep your position that it’s anyone’s own fault just because he or she does not take part in this insider trading corrupt shit game?
@Phoenix pays you with newly printed shares at the cost of shareholders that paid a lot of money for their shares back then, right? Do you really think you are of major importance to the network as it was perceived back then?
You are irrelevant to all those people here who have common sense and who hate to see based on the presented facts (by nagalim and mhps) that their investment failed big time. Nonetheless, most of them to whom you are irrelevant are not willing to further support this faulty insider knowledge driven scam network. You are now trying to make money out of them and call that move “smart”. You are dumb. You are publicly known. And you will find your real name tagged to this scam on any relevant forum. Who knows what kind of institutions might get interested in the work you perform, the payments you accept and what kind of business it is that pays you. You do a lot to ignore reasonable voices. Time for fun stuff you simply can’t ignore. Time for truth.


Yes, of course. I’m saying he should have wanted to either use the money on the project or be gone with it already. Why transfer the funds from Jordan Lee if meanwhile he’s going to work with Nu? Why not steal the funds as Jordan Lee and continue working with Nu under a new identity? There may be a great explanation, and perhaps I’m looking at it wrong.

The B&C development funds were in US-NBT. He’s either been using them to help Nu on its feet (his claim), as they’d be worthless otherwise, or stolen them at once or over time, maintaining all of Nu in the process or at the same time, keeping up the idea they’re safe and selling more NuShares. His own, the monthly pay, or the bonus. Nu’s should be possible to account for by looking at the transactions of granted NuShares and exchange logs, right? I’m exhausted and may have failed to complete this part.

It seems to me it’s possible to find potential malice everywhere. Put it all together into theories specific to the accusations. Make timelines. Prove something!

Facts of the NuShare distribution stands. Shareholders were all screwed from the beginning if that’s your sentiment. I’d also rather have more decentralised governance, but primarily I want it to function. Would you all rather cancel Nu right now than take the shot it has to survive? What good would that do for anyone’s investment?

Following the blockchain is the only way for this kind of project to have any credibility.


Pheonix has shown his plan is to squeeze remaining funds out of the nsr market. It is clearly not in his best interest to steal the money and walk away when he can keep insider trading and squeeze even more money out.


How can the group decide how much to pay for development in line with shareholder will that isn’t already specified? A benefit of the group could be paying over time instead of a lump sum, but our current terms are indeed too limiting for that.

I suggest we figure out terms and draft a motion instead. We can reduce the content of this grant to only the amount. In hindsight I should have posted our proposal as a draft, but I think using a motion in combination is better anyway. Or simply edit this grant?

It currently has only ~4% support.

I agree. We need someone to implement the changes, negotiate a price for the work, exchange and CoinMarketCap updates. Should the group have discretion for negotiating price?


I think so.