[Voting] Custodial grant to purchase 2S1 Military tank for Nu Network

Is this the first hash with a hyperlink?

Also, if anyone pins this I will slap someone.

Dunno, maybe?

Whom will you slap in a decentralized world? Your neighbour next door?
This is an ongoing voting for a grant.
It deserves being pinned!

butterfly effect, I slap my neighbour, he beats his dog who bites a kid at the playground who throws his milk at the nurse taking care of his leg who gets angry with her husband who takes it out on the intern at work who forgets to check if the coffee is to hot before giving it to the financial trader who burns his tongue and spills the coffee on his keyboard, shorting it out in just such a way that the trader accidentally sells all his NSR.

Could you try to imagine a butterfly effect ending up with bitUSD getting the peg back and keeping it?

That would

  • really confuse people and
  • with BitShares no longer being considered dangerous for pegs, we wouldn’t need @Coingame’s grant any more and could unpin it

If you can manage to get this butteflry effect running in anticpation of this thread being pinned, you would undermine the reason for it being pinned, which in turn would make it useless to slap your neighbour - you couldn’t give a good reason for having done it, because looking back it wouldn’t have been necessary.

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I don’t think that’s right, but I don’t know enough about time travel to dispute it.

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Which fork of the future (waaaah, we got a fork! But gladly not in the blockchain; just in the future…) would you like to choose then?
It’s up to you!
Will you slap your neighbour before or after this thread is pinned?
And which neighbour to slap when, where and how in order to stabilize the bitUSD peg?
Will stabilizing the bitUSD peg really remove the biggest danger for NuBits’ peg?
Whether this peg destabilizing disease is spreading might be read off the decision of NSR holders to provide asymmetric compensation of the buy and sell side. Ooops, pardon, that was almost serious.

So many questions, so few answers.

I think the safest way is to fund the tank as it makes Nu independent from @Nagalim slapping the right people at the right time, place and way.

edit: great - there’s already support for it

Why? This machine will kill us all. Not because it’s a tank, that’s fine with me, but it’s a freakin’ DIESEL!

I am Nagalim from the year 2025! Turns out I still had the same password back now as I did in 10 years. I should probably have changed that when I’m done here. Anyway…

Our world has been ravaged by the great Nu-BitAsset Peg War of 2020! It all started with pinning this grant proposal. Everyone here thought it was a joke, or thought they thought it was a joke. Meanwhile, block after block listed this grant and shareholders began tearing their hair out yelling ‘it was just a prank bro!’ Coingame, the ever efficient tank procurer, did his duty and parked the tank outside the bitshares office. The bitasset community responded by forging a gigantic wall made out of buy support and began lobbing any peg they could get their hands on at the tank: bicycle pegs, clothes hanging pegs, my aunt peg, even a few pogs, never mind the swine. The retaliation was swift and brutal as Nu sent custodian after custodian to graffiti their wall with N’s and the kind of box thing that B&C uses, you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, many of them were lost to the maze of BitAsset’s internal marketplace, never to be heard from again. The UN finally stepped in under an unprecidented united decision to ban all pegs of all sorts, wooden or otherwise, across the entire globe. Absolutely ravaged.

It was a cruel time, and it pains me to describe it in such horrid detail. But without such warning, I fear we’re all doomed to this peggless society, so I used a cyber-temporal abberation generator (they’re all the rage) to bring you this warning. Oh, also, the tank gets a massive parking ticket.


It sounds like there’s no way to stop BitShares from breaking all pegs - not just the bitUSD peg.
It’s hopeless.

Wait, it isn’t!
Can’t you take some of us with you in this cyber-temporal abberation generator?
Those who don’t perish in the Peg War, because they are moved into the future will change the course of time!

Then again…
Pin it! Pin it! Pin it! Pin it!

I will take any pseudonym with me that wishes to come. No human beings though, I’m still not convinced those things even exist, despite the tricky name. Like honestly, naming something a ‘Being’ is like naming something 'Totally Real, Trust Me".

Humour with a purpose. I enjoyed this, as it demonstrates some important differences between Nu and central banks/government.

I created Nu to answer this question: Is it possible to supply society with the money needed to coordinate human activity without simultaneously creating mechanisms that reliably result in the slaughter and abuse of large numbers of people? Centrals banks are lucrative businesses. Governments capture central banks. Essentially the deal that is made is that if the central bank will fund the government then they can have their lucrative business. In recent times, the Federal Reserve has done much to fund war and terrorism. Shall we blame Janet Yellen? Hardly. She is powerless to stop it. If you were her, would you want to tell the Pentagon and CIA they are getting their funding cut? She is a quite vulnerable to personal threats against her from the US government. She is captured.

Let’s consider reform on the political side. Some naive people would say an anti-war US president could be voted in to fix it. Perhaps a racial minority would be more sensitive to the destruction of brown people. Oh, wait, that has already happened, to no effect. Obama is constantly surrounded by armed US agents. He must be very afraid to take any action to cut Pentagon, CIA or NSA funding or interfere with their operations. He is captured.

Think this is just a problem with uncivilised Americans? Let’s consider Canada, the land where everyone is eager to say “sorry” and produce a cohesive, egalitarian and respectful society. Surely such an advanced and enlightened society would not engage in the kind of brutality we see emerging from the US government funded by the Federal Reserve, right? Yet, the government of Canada has recently funded and carried out brutal and lawless attacks against people in Libya and Afghanistan without the slightest regard for due process. It isn’t because Canadians are cruel or because Prime Minister Harper is evil. It is because both the United States and Canada employ the same flawed protocol that leads to such abuses.

I have come to the same conclusion as so many of you here: These problems cannot be fixed by getting the right person in power. I seek neither reform of the current system nor revolution. Rather, I struggle to create a separate and alternative system that meets the very real need for money. If people want to participate in our system and stop participating in the broken protocol that preceded us they are welcome to do so. If enough people do so we can transform governments and militaries in the same way the Catholic church or the British monarchy has been transformed into powerless figure heads. I dream of the day when the principle measure of US military force effectiveness will be expressed as the number of tons of food and water that could be delivered to a random location within 24 hours, in the case of an emergency such as a tsunami. It can happen. What is needed is the adoption and support of superior protocols, such as our own. It is the structure of the system, the protocol if you will, that is the problem here. So we have proposed an alternate protocol we believe can provide people with advanced modern money without the problem of destablising and alienating violence. And it is no vague suggestion. Rather, it is an extremely precise collection of mathematical statements which can be calculated with great precision and is described in its entirety in our public code repository.

So, I appreciate CoinGame’s grant proposal. Ridiculous as it is, it invites us to consider the important differences between the central bank/government protocol and our own.


I’m thinking of all the times I’ve read from random people that crypto can’t become real currency because it isn’t backed by the full force of the military. Nu will soon have its own private army to enforce the will of shareholders. Take that!

Actually, this hilarious suggestion from CoinGame about the tank is so cool that it should really get more public attention. It just shows that the decentralized nature and well working architecture of our network makes it possible to vote for or against the most stupid stuff on earth and pretty much anybody could participate. Nice stuff :smiley:
I fear that for the sake of fun such a motion could go through… what would actually happen then? :smiley:

Nice going CoinGame, you’ve just given the NSA and CIA a public excuse to take us out! I can see it now: “Determined to destroy the integrity of the American economy, the ‘Crypto-terrorist’ group NU is now arming themselves with weapons of war.”

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60,000 NBT would be created at BLn1QeXbWm29Y94feWTtJZfnvd5yi3oSFV and the custodian were bound to the terms of the agreement.
As I hashed it, it would be hard to alter anything unrecognized.

provides an escape option.
Maybe a motion could be passed before anything happened, effectively freeing the custodian from his/her duty after having burned the granted amount.
If a custodian would violate the contract with malice aforethought or (grossly) negligent, this person/identity would have a hard time pass another grant.
It would be hard to hold such a custodian reliable for the action beyond that.

But I have not the slightest doubt that @Coingame would do exactly as announced in his custodial grant.
NSR holders could try to find that out… :wink:

Only after this grant would pass and @Coingame did stick with the terms of it (or are we yet in “pre crime” time in which people get arrested, because they could commit crimes? I think I don’t really want to have the answer to this considering crimes like Guantanamo Bay…).
If the NSA and CIA want to mess with Nu, they need to be warned: Nu can create as much NBT as Nu wants. Ha!

Yes. So by employing a secure blockchain-based voting system, we make coercion (the coercion exerted on Yellen, Obama and Harper) useless provided that the voting power is enough spread over many nodes and the voting mechanism is close to impossible to corrupt.

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Oh, the grant hasn’t had even a single vote, but @Coingame procured the tank in advance?
BitShares 2.0 is near - Nu needs the tank!

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