On pinning voting threads

I am not sure we should be pinning topics to remember people its important to vote. At this point I expect that people would configure their datafeeds if they feel they don’t have the time to catch up.

How do we decide whether a “voting” its worth pinning or not?

I agree that it’s a terrible way to go about it. Maybe we can create a “voting” link in the header that links to a voting category. So its one click to see all the items that are up for voting. Or something else. I’m not sure. But I really believe at the same time all items available to vote on should be quickly accessible, even for people not familiar with how our forum software works.


Yah, lacking such a resource pinning is the best option. However, I’m 100% supportive of a section of the website with links to all the current votes. Displaying their support % and sorting by that would be awesome too.

A “voting” category might be enough. A link to it in the header even better.

Most people find it convenient to visit the forum only on https://discuss.nubits.com/latest
Looking for all voting activity they had to visit


as well.
Not that convenient…

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A while ago there was an attempt to have direct links in the blockexplorer to the forum. That made it easy to see imo what there was to vote for, although motions and custodial grants are still separate.
I like to back the idea of a voting category on the forum as improvements are required to lower the bar for new people. Complexity and time requirements are relatively high. Datafeeds are only part of the answer, after all we want engaged Shareholders don’t we?

While we try to find a better solution, I am under the impression that most people in this thread would be ok with unpinning current pinned thread.

Shall we?

I think we should have a replacement ready before just abandoning the current method. If we can wait about three weeks there might even be a super great alternative :wink: