[Voting] 250 million NSR grant for ongoing liquidity operations

This has exactly the same terms as most other grants for liquidity operations. You can see the terms here.

We would all like the creation of NSR to stop. All we need to do is stop the decline in US-NBT and fill a small reserve. Then buybacks can begin. Anyone can help create that turnaround.

Custodial Grant Address: SjuQdPk2PMeHwBF5gmeECqmxPz8AsFsYZf
Custodial Grant Amount: 250000000 (250 million NSR)

My expectation is this grant will pass in about a week. We need
additional NSR now. To fill the need, I will loan my own bonus grant
funds in the amount of 110 million NSR to liquidity operations for the
week it is needed. The loan will be made by transferring 110 million NSR
from the bonus address (SNf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY) to this grant address, SjuQdPk2PMeHwBF5gmeECqmxPz8AsFsYZf. Once this grant is passed, the loan will be paid back to the bonus pool (SNf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY) by transferring 110 million NSR from SjuQdPk2PMeHwBF5gmeECqmxPz8AsFsYZf to the bonus pool custodial grant address. It will then be disbursed as a bonus to me.