Visual Studio 2017, time to write C++ code for all platform?

It seems you can write C++ source code for various platforms including android, iOS, windows etc, since bitcoin/Nu/B&C is written in C++, we can save our man hours to develop wallets on all platforms, @sigmike, is this feasible?

The Nu client isn’t suitable for mobile platforms such as Android because it takes too many resources, and does so consistently, 24 X 7. It is server software really. For mobile platforms, we have NuDroid and Coinomi which connect to remote Nu clients, or servers, whatever you choose to call them. With a peer to peer architecture, the distinction between the terms “client” and “server” loses its meaning.

Many phones hardwares are powerful than Raspberry PI, and if they are in house/office, when connected to mobile power cord and wifi, minting on phones is possible. of course the “light wallet” is another good option. Many people have old phones, why not using as minting nodes, better than throwing away.

The code is already cross platform (work has been done on bitcoin to make it run on windows, linux and os x). But it depends on some libraries, notably Qt for the GUI, which may or may not be easy to build on other platforms. I guess the server code should work on most platforms.