Ven currency - A global stable digital currency [centralized]

Central bank: Hub Culture
Date of introduction: 4 July 2007[1]
Official user(s): International
Unofficial user(s): 30,000
Inflation: N/A
Method: Pegged with a basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures.[2]


"Ven is a global digital currency
managed by the Hub Culture network. It can be sent anywhere and to anyone almost instantly. Ven is easy and convenient to use, and its structure also makes it great for the environment."

"Ven is Stable
The value of Ven is calculated from a mix of currencies, commodities and carbon futures pricing. These components diversify the ‘inputs’ for Ven, creating a diversified asset. Over the last four years, Ven has been up to 50% more stable than any single political currency, and far less volatile than commodities - especially carbon credits."

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