V3.0.2 IP collection

getpeerinfo, 2 out of 8 are V3.0

“addr” : “”,
“subver” : “/Siglee:3.0.2/B&C Exchange:3.0.2(v3.0.2-beta)/”,

GeoIP: Germany

meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG

“addr” : ""
“subver” : “/Siglee:3.0.2/B&C Exchange:3.0.2(v3.0.2-beta)/”

GeoIP: Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Free SAS

Let’s post all our V3.0 peers. And try to find something.

That’s mine. That one slipped, but it’s not minting anyhow.

I have an idea, since most V4.0 users are often forum visitors, can we v4.0ers block connection to V3.0 peers? E.g. I refuse to connect to or

In this way, V4.0 and V3.0 users may seperate from each other.

good idea!
how exactly?

Oh, I guess majority of online wallet are minting. Thanks for your reply.

I guess we cannot find out about the minting power of each peer!
It would be a security and safety risk. Although i think the known IP is a potential risk as well?

There are only 39 nodes now according to B&C blockexplorer.

It’s quite easy to narrow down to less 10 nodes of v3.0 I guess, if we all provide the “getpeerinfo” results.

In my wallet i see some 4.0.0 version peers. I think they should be updated to 4.0.1 asap.