Urgent need of funds for hosting services

I may not be able to sustain our services for much longer without reimbursement. Hosting costs have been reduced and will be kept as low possible, but still amount to hundreds of dollars a month. I have paid over 6,400 USD in bills on behalf of NuNetwork for hosting, and 581 USD for NuBits Limited, plus other expenses.

The Chief of Liquidity Operations @Phoenix has not been seen on this forum for over three months. I hope nothing serious has happened to him. I believe he would not intentionally abandon us without notice, and leave me with these bills. In one of his NuNetwork Bitcoin addresses 16r6vf4Yh2iUNYu7AkEkespbYooDCFw6mf there remains 1.55304494 BTC (~74,451.10 USD). There is barely any market depth on NSR/BTC at SouthXchange, so without the funds under Phoenix’s control, there is an emergency.

I’m sad that I have failed to deal with my personal issues in time, and I was given ample opportunity to, but still aren’t quite where I need to be. I have had NuBits in mind most days for the past three years, but been practically useless for much of the time. I feel responsible, but I can only do what I am capable of, and so here we are. I’m sorry, for what it’s worth.

Further as you may have noticed, I look different. Transsexualism is a diagnosis I for over a decade have been hoping to avoid, but there is no escaping reality. I will transition and assimilate with society as it already functions, and live my life. I do not relate with transgender people, and much of the so-called trans community shuns reason in regard to biology and societal issues. It is possible to simultaneously be rational and respectful. Coexist. All of this is irrelevant to NuBits, however. I’m a transsex woman. Let’s move on.

NuBits can be recovered and built to function if we assemble a comprehensive team. We may need someone more competent at that than me to achieve it. I have an understanding of the liquidity model which was deemed sufficiently accurate. I think we want an experienced manager, a marketing expert, a designer, developers, and preferably a mathematician. I would have us focus on automating the liquidity backend and design end-user interfaces that require minimal understanding of technology. It is certainly possible, and without competition pursuing the same approach to liquidity, there is opportunity.

Worse ideas receive funding and accomplish products. How?

I can not do this myself, but it can be done.

Tilde Esko
Manager of Liquidity Operations


Tilde - we are very happy to see you back on the forum and your continuous support for Nubits is much appreciated. Any personal issue should take priority over the project and glad to hear you are doing well.

I do agree that this project cannot sustain itself with just one active team member such as yourself. There is a huge lack of liquidity in the market as Nubits is only trading on SouthXchange. I don’t see why an exchange or anyone else would invest in a project that has no support for months at a time either. The buybacks were going well but have tapered off, understandably so. I know @smooth is not a team member but we haven’t heard from him either in addition to @Phoenix. I am sure there are good reasons for everything, just looking for some guidance from the team in general and if there is a legitimate plan to move forward.

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You are beautifull , be yourself :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I am willing to pay for the expenses for hosting, etc. for a while as a stopgap. As far as direction for the project as a whole, without Phoenix being around, I don’t know.

@jooize DM me about the hosting costs.

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@jooize good on you for transition, wish you strength to be yourself.

project needs more than funding support, with @Phoenix gone.

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We are here to help, i can offer a google drive to store a clone of the blockchain to make people sync the wallets, and if it’s possible, make a list of all the costs so people can see how their can help.

And about liquidity we can build something like our own exchange, I don’t buy yet nushares or nubits because I don’t like southxechange

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I am looking to sell a good amount of Nubits but obviously minimal liquidity on SouthXchange. Happy to figure something out if anyone is interested

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@jooize can you send as a list of needed thinks to keep the project alive? we can volunteer to make it happen

I replied about being willing to pay the hosting costs and suggesting a DM to arrange details, but no DM. It is what it is.


We need to keep waiting, with a one person crew and personal issues is really hard to keep things working, when @jooize get some time she will answer us and say how we can help

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