Update to marketing contributor status

This post is to notify shareholders that I will be removing myself from any “official” Nu marketing activities as of December 31, 2015. My invoiced contributor hours have been very low for a number of months, ever since we cut our expenses, so this decision should not significantly impact our network expenses. Note that this is voluntary, motivated by my need to focus more hours on my full-time job. This is similar to decisions made by other contributors in the past few months.

It has always been my plan to transition to a state where all shareholders feel empowered to contact any external service they want to advocate for NuBits and I think this decision will speed this goal up. We need to transition to a state like Bitcoin where all holders of the assets are motivated to sell the network’s merits to whomever will listen.

I will retain administrative control over nubits.com, but other developers will need to make updates to the site for new client downloads and such. Our Reddit/Twitter/Facebook accounts will be transferred to @CoinGame on Dec 31, 2015, and I expect he will transfer the login credentials to another contributor if shareholders vote by motion to do so.

I will attempt to complete my last major obligation - the creation of new Nu logos for our new NBT products - by December 31. If that doesn’t occur, I’ll still be working on it as an unpaid contributor. There are a couple other partnerships that I’ll continue to be pursuing until then as well.

I look forward to continuing to participate in the network as a very active NuShareholder. This may include project-based marketing work like logo creation or advertising, but it will be introduced through custodial grant when I have the time and desire.


Sad to see you step down from you current PR role but “real” life comes first!
Many thanks for you contributed efforts Tom!

This is all I really care about. I’d hate to see you go and it would be very surprising. You’re very valuable to the Nu Network and I’m glad to see that you’ll still be involved in discussions

Who will exchanges need to contact now for help getting NBT and NSR listed as well as coordinating announcements? Is the email address on the website still valid?

The credentials for info@nubits.com will remain with me for now, and can be transferred through motion if needed. I can pass along requests to the community, but won’t have the time to actively follow up on requests.

It was a pleasure seeing you in the role of official marketing representative of Nu. I think you did an amazing job and I want to thank you for your efforts and achievements (I’m as pleased as Punch that you could arrange a deal with “The Daily Decrypt”)!
From a decentralization view the transition to a state in which all NSR holders are actively marketing Nu makes sense. In the current situation, with the current community size and work that needs to be done, I think it will be hard to compensate your retirement.
Your participation as very active NuShareholder will support this transition enormously.


It’s been great working with you, @tomjoad. Thanks for your service to the community. Stick around! :smile:


I have appreciated greatly your marketing work so far.
Your contributions and leadership have been very substantial.

As for the quoted suggestion, could you elaborate further on some concrete most probable implementations? I believe it is very important too, towards a steady achievement of this goal: “Nubits, the #1 cryptocurrency on Earth. Nushares the #1 cryptoshare on Earth.”


Your contribution is highly appreciated. It’s good you will still be around.

In case you don’t plan to keep contacting PEGs according to the Promoting Nubits to PEGs motion, can you post or send me a summary of the status who has been contacted when, and what replies if any have been received?

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@tomjoad Your contribution to Nu so far has been invaluable and I would like to thank you for that.

By the way, did you plan at the beginning to stay only for a year or so as the main contributor in terms of marketing efforts or did you change your mind in between?

Also, I would like to ask you on your take about the current status of Nu and how you think it would grow in 2016.
For example, you said that 2015 would be the year of the stable crypto-currencies.
Would that be 2016 instead?

Tks a lot in advance.

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I think that Amanda from Daily Decrypt is very good at summarizing Nu.
I think we should try to recruit her somehow.
Does she get paid in nubits btw?

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Thanks. It was pleasure working with you in the last year. Not only with the NuDroid marketing but I also enjoyed your participation in the forums from a marketing perspective. It won’t be easy to replace you and I hope that with you sticking around a handover to the ‘community’ can be as smooth as possible.

Shareholders really need to think how this is going to look like. Do we maybe need a Marketing Fund for the smaller activities like what we had with Peercoin to encourage small but valuable contributions from time-limited community members? We tried the decentralised marketing model for a while with Peercoin based on proposals and monetary incentives through the Marketing Fund for projects completed. However the uptake was marginal despite the many examples of activities/work and available funds. Would the Nu community be different?


The status hasn’t changed from my last post. It has been a low priority for me because of the lack of responses. I wish I could have accomplished a bit more on this topic.

The network cut most of its development costs in mid 2015 in response to the decrease in NBT demand at the time, and rightfully so. At that point I had a significant job offer in real-life that I decided to accept, and I contributed just a couple hours a week (on the books, at least; usually I volunteered much more) to Nu. I didn’t have a set period of time in mind for helping with Nu marketing, but I do know I’ll be a shareholder for many, many years to come.

Yes, she was paid 350 NBT.

Nu is in great shape. B&C Exchange will increase NBT demand, our new NBT products will increase NBT demand, and the public’s slow acceptance of digital money should increase NBT demand. Most of us would have predicted more widespread usage of NBT by now, but it appears it will take more time than we thought to convince the public of its merits. No other decentralized currency project has the economic innovations we’ve introduced in our blockchain, so we are positioned well for the future.

My suggestion would be to either have a marketing project manager who requests a set budget through custodial grant, and then delivers defined projects, or else have individual contributors submit custodial grants each time. @Desrever had some thoughts on this many months ago. I would avoid having a general slush fund that does not have specific defined projects and evaluation metrics. I also hope shareholders will be ruthless in their evaluation of the benefit of external marketing services; marketing people are great at talking themselves up without quantifiable evidence of their effectiveness.


Can you give a list of which PEGs listed in this post have been contacted, and which among them have replied?

The challenge is to get the resources willing and available to contribute and projects which the Shareholders think are valuable enough to throw money at.

That would work for the larger projects, but not great to run a giveaway with 100 NBT or so or for someone to spend a couple of hours of work on marketing.

This is a slightly different topic but something that needs to be brought up since Tom will no longer be able to manage it. We really need to transition NuBits.com to an open source format. I think our best bet is turning it into a Github Page like docs.nubits.com. That way anyone can help to update the content, and it’s hosted for free by Github instead of at the NuShares holders expense.

Unfortunately the site uses Drupal CMS. There’s no easy way to just switch it over to raw html/css/javascript/jekyll like is required for a Github Page. If we have some web developers in the community that would like to partner up in building a simple open source replacement site that would be great. Maybe we could contact some web developers who would accept a custodial grant for the work? Tom is pretty much the only one updating the site at this point and I think it’s an important asset for us to maintain.

Even if the conversion comes at an up front cost to shareholders it will be cheaper over time since there’s a monthly cost to having ti right now.


Would it make sense for the shareholders to nominate by way of a motion one or more points-of-contact for marketing and press related matters?

Are there any shareholders that have previous skills in these areas and/or have the time to fill that role?

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It makes sense to market a service that provides value. PR and Ad are slightly different things.
I have some backround in these areas.

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I’ve been working on a draft that would bind tomjoad’s soul to the Nu network for all eternity via either blood magic, or an upload of consciousness into the blockchain; whichever the developers say is more feasible. Will post details soon.


It’s only a matter of time before the singNularity, right?

As a side note, I still do informal marketing work for Nu. I finished the branding update, and I’m currently working with @fible1 on his video script here: Video on Nubits. I think I may have convinced him to do an entire show on NuBits at some point in the future.

The only difference between now and a couple months ago is that I don’t feel comfortable asking for compensation from shareholders as I can’t guarantee 24/7 availability like I could before.