Update the website, chat and grafana

Hello Team (@jooize @Phoenix ),

The website and the grafana are outdated and need updates! The chat is not working and maybe it’s a good idea to just stop the chat and focus on the forum/website. To return the peg people need to feel that NBT team is doing everything they can!

@smooth is burning around 55.000 USNBT and the team around 22.000 USNBT every week but there isn’t any sign that the price is going up.
The total USNBT burned until today is 659.120,21 USNBT (team and smooth burns) and used around $44.052,56 to do this. But the USNBT price started at $0,10 but dropped down to $0,05. When will we see something happening with the price / when will you start your peg bot?

Any news on the Barter Trade @torjusg ?


We are working on preparations, but it might still take a few months before we are ready.

In terms of price continuing to fall, it will only fall as far as there are people offloading. When we are left with the strong hands, then the price has to rise. And the current burn program will necessarily remove the majority of the weakhands over time. It seems slow maybe, but the burn has been very significant over a relatively short period of time…


You should probably have a Telegram channel. We at Peercoin use both Discord and Telegram, but Telegram is by far the most active.

And I agree with Torjusg. Having a lower price is actually better as it lets them burn more NBT for a cheaper price, saving funds for the organization in the long run.


There’s a ‘NuBits underground’ telegram channel that’s not particularly active, but worth joining for a chat I guess!

Edit: there’s also another called ‘NuBits’, with more members than NuBits underground.

Not sure who’s running the channels.

I run Nubits Underground, I set it up before Nubits had a telegram channel and it doesn’t have any Nubits staff in it. The official Nubits telegram channel is connected to their Riot chat in a somewhat broken fashion (Riot chat posts by staff members don’t show up in their telegram channel).

Links: https://t.me/nubitsunofficial

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