Update required for https://nubits.com/about/price-stability

Browsing the nubits.com website (normally I only linger in the forum when I’m here…) I stumbled upon https://nubits.com/about/price-stability
This does in no way mention removing NBT permanently from the supply by (buying them from the market for NSR and) burning them.
I’m aware that Nu 2.0 is still being tested and the current version lacks NSR grants. At the moment this mechanism could only be fueled by undistributed NSR.

I don’t know what changes of documentation are planned when reaching Nu 2.0.
I don’t expect the whitepaper to be updated, although this is for many people new to something the first documentation they ever read.
At least the price stability should be updated because there’s nothing that fights off ponzi scheme accusations which people searching for information about Nu will very likely stumble upon.

I know that this information and the development that happened since the start of Nu and the release of the whitepaper can be found in the forums.
But Nu should not expect people to put that much diligence into determining the current state of Nu if they only want to have an overview.

The NBT burning belongs there as well as the liquidity pools that do the liquidity providing.
While the NBT burning still doesn’t have its full power (due to the lacking NSR grants), it has already been used successfully and I think it could already be mentioned on that page.
The liquidity providing by TLLPs and NuLagoon is going on for months now…


I think this is a great observation @masterofdisaster. That page is important and needs to be updated. As a result I’ve added two sections to https://nubits.com/about/price-stability

  1. Additional Price Support Innovations, with NuBits burning through the sale of NuShares and Liquidity pools as one-paragraph subsections.
  2. Long Term Network Sustainability where I copy/pasted Jordan’s recent post regarding the economics of Nu and formatted in all the hyperlinks. I also added some hyperlinks to our BlockShares and Peercoin dividend information, because I think it’s important to show why NuShares have value.

I’m hopeful the page is now a much better resource for shareholders who want to educate others on the economics of the Nu network.

Does the proposed wording/sections I have on the page work for everyone?


Thank you for picking this up promptly.
Now the page not only informs comprehensively about how Nu evolved in terms of reduced demand for NBT.
It also provides information and a link to the liquidity pools.
First I thought the section about long-term network sustainability would not be ideal for the information page about price stability as it might appear unrelated to the price stability for people new to Nu.
But then I realized that somebody who read this whole page might very well be able to get how important it is for the price stability.
I very much like the amendment!