Update a BCDE shareholder Please

I heard BCDE develop fund was stolen? Is that true?

The development funds were in NuBits, which crashed in value. The funds were supposedly being held by Jordan Lee’s assistant Angela. I haven’t heard about them being stolen. I just know that no motion has passed yet to instruct her what to do with the funds, so she most likely sits on them waiting to be told by shareholders what to do with them. There is a motion to create a multisig group called RSOT that would take over control of the funds, but it hasn’t gained enough support to pass yet. There is also Phoenix/JordanLee who is trying to get a motion passed so he takes complete ownership of the funds. That’s at least what I understand. If somebody knows more, please correct me.

Yep. True. JordanLee hasn’t been seen in months.

I believe that @JordanLee is @Phoenix.

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JordanLee hasn’t posted in months, this is a fact not a belief.