Unlock wallet + Import private key


Im new with USNBT ; I have some on Coinomi but it no longer supports UNSBT.
I did the necessary manipulation advised by Coinomi and I was able to extract the private key of the USNBT from Coinomi.

I installed and encrypted the NuBits window wallet but I don’t know how to import the private key extracted from Coinomi.

Thanks for your help.

Export your pk and go to there https://nubits.com/cointoolkit/ to import and then you can create transaction to send your nubit

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Thank you for your reply :+1:

1- If I understand correctly, it was enough to import the PK in the “Raw Transactions” section to create & send the funds to the desired address?

2- Another question: it is therefore impossible to import another PK directly into NuBits Windows wallet ?

Same problem here . I need sell to get back money as cutloss 70percent . Anybody can help? Administration this forum has leave ?