Understanding liquidity field and its role in the parking interest rate voting!

If i understand it right from the White paper, the liquidity field in the voting tab tells the share holders about the Buy/Sell balance from the custodians grant adresses, and according to this informations share holders may decide if they need to generate new Nubits or raise the Parking rate !

But, isn’t this misleading? why should share holders raise the parking interest rate if the custodians are selling Nubits less than they buy !!!
its very normal to do this since they buy Nubits after they sell them first, and the Buy side wont exceed 90% of the Sell side any way so the network can have any revenue .

But this doesn’t tell any thing about the Peg efficiency, to have an accurate decision we may need a relative balance between the Nubot - 1$ - Sell side and the rest of the Market Buying side and vice versa, once the non-Nubot Selling side exceeds some threshold ratio of the Nubot Buying side, then we may need to raise the parking interest !

As represented here, even that Selling side overcoming the Buying side, but most of the both are pegged to $1, so what matters is the market selling side in comparison to the Nubot Buying side, parking interest is supposed to support the peg not to raise the adoption rate, marketing and innovative solutions like Nubex are, or at least thats how i understand the whole operation from reading the white paper and other forum discussions.

So what am i missing here ?!

I agree that we need far more robust metrics on the health of the supply. We’re working on several reporting feeds that people will be able to use. Some hosted directly from the website and others directly from the bots themselves. Hopefully once we have all the bots reporting their data in (almost) real time we can make much more accurate analytic information of what is happening.

The liquidity info as reported in the client right now is a very rough overview of the overall support on each side of the peg.