Ultimate guide to nxt monetary system


It is nice for experiments but struggle to see real value at the moment. Maybe for airpoints, and local merchant promotions.

I created XNBT a while ago in the NXT monetary system, just for fun and to understand what competition is doing. I sell XNBT for about $1 in NXT, I promise to buy them back for the same. Just a personal peg, no real bots behind it. Max 10 XNBT a transaction. You can only find them in the NXT wallet. Just let me know if you want some as I’m not keeping up the exchange rates offering regularly as it cost 1 NXT every time to renew. Therefore not ideal for pegging with bots, would be expensive changing the rates every minute or so. But there is an API for anyone who likes to have a bit of fun.

I am just interested in their MKTG approach :slight_smile:
Another aspect of what they do to attract users: http://nxtacademy.com/