Uberpay wallet - another multiwallet supporting NuBits

Just stumbled across this: http://mygeopay.com/2015/09/19/uberpay-wallet-pre-release-coins-evaluation/
Multiwallet supporting NuBits. NuShares is mentioned but doesn’t work yet.

The Uberpay App is on Google Play. Appears to be similar functionality as Coinomi. Anyone already checked it out?

As you can see in the source code, it’s simply a fork of Coinomi. @erasmospunk has had to deal with people that do this a lot with his app. No reason to support someone who is simply taking the efforts of others and re-skinning it.


Thanks for bringing it up. I already installed it and would have started testing it, but thanks to your post I will rather uninstall it.

I just noticed this in their github repo:


Electrum-server support (Provided by Coinomi.com)
Coinomi core support https://github.com/Coinomi
Vector icon
Entry to the BIP44 registry that is maintained by Satoshi labs

So they aren’t hiding the fact they are using a Coinomi codebase, and they even say they’re using the Coinomi electrum servers, so maybe @erasmospunk is supporting their project in some type of partnership?

Before I start being happy about UberPay I wait for @erasmospunk’s statement.

No, we don’t have any association with them, it is just a clone.

Gentlemen, how many coins are clones of Bitcoin, and Litecoin, you sound like open source is a private source we provided all the disclaimers required. I initially make an effort to contact folks at Coinomi, and had few discussion with George, but Greek been Greeks we are here today!

We never hide the fact that we use the Coinomi core, just as I don’t hide the fact when I race my car in the Daytona 500 I have a supped up chevy engine. Both wallets have potential for different visions, does that make them better or worse against each other, I personally don’t think so. Now that UberPay has taken a different road, we will continue to innovate beyond what the coinomi wallet has done. Now recently I notice that Nubits electrum servers have issues! How do I know?

because in UberPay we monitor all the electrum server status and that allows us to bring reliability to UberPay and Coinomi, so you see innovation works both all.

Live long and prosper… and if you want your work to be private, keep it private! We are open for dialog anytime with anyone!


Adonis Valamontes