Twitter @OfficialNuBits

What happens with the NuBits twitter channel?
If I remember correctly it was hovering around 1,000 followers for some time after NuBits started.

Some days ago it was having 27,5k followers - and I thought I might misremember the 1k followers.

Today it’s like this:

What’s happening?

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It seems there are plenty of fake accounts…

Somebody botted us. It happened the other day. Watched it go from 10k to 30k within the span of a few hours

There’s so much on the internet I don’t understand.
Why would someone spend effort in following a twitter account with a legion of face accounts?

Some people buy fake Twitter followers to appear more popular, but I have no idea why someone would do that for us. These followers appeared while I was on vacation with no access to internet last week. It’s always been a policy for us to avoid paying for publicity, and fake Twitter followers fall under that principle.

I appreciate that policy.
Now it makes sense that someone (a hater, a competitor?) spends efforts: the Nu network could be alleged of buying fake followers!

I noticed a while ago that @maftd has been tweeting nonsensical tweets containing nubits and nushares inside. Suspicious.