Transaction not confirmed: Coinomi to Bittrex

Hello, I’m from Brazil, I’ll use the google translator to comment on the problem that is happening.

I did send 299.2002 NUBITS from the Coinomi wallet to the Bittrex exchange, a fee of 0.05 was paid to the miners to make the shipment, but my transaction has not yet been confirmed despite informing the TRANSACTION ID: 8a4efb81d91c04289ffe61358a718367c2cab163f7e87bdfc4dab6eb376855a8

I tried to send to Bittrex: BGobftdUDkofbV9p4xYUyAhMwihBX1oJPA

From what I understand it looks like it was sent but is waiting for transaction confirmation, it shows nothing in Blockchain Explorer

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Submit a ticket to Coinomi support and supply this same information. They will need to help you with this matter.

Come back here and report or if you don’t get a resolution. Good luck!