Trading site label and url

If you sign in the (mockup?) trading site at xxx.xx.199.61, click on trading, the URL has “btccny” in it. If you bookmark the url, the name of the bookmark shows “btccny”.

That’s an artifact of the quick setup that I had to do to get Peatio up and running. It’s just a database pointer. I ran into issues configuring non-BTC currencies (which since have been fixed by the devs) so to get it up and running for our use, I just repurposed the existing defaults.

It doesn’t mean anything to how the test exchange operates.

Thanks for the explanation Ben. I thought the site might be used as a skeleton to deploy production nubits exchanges. Then mis-labeling might get carried over.

No, if a separate exchange comes out of this, it will be based on a fresh set of modifications that I’ve been doing to the Peatio software that uses a more recent version as the base. Thank you for bringing it up, though, it’s good to get this type of feedback.