Trade Nushare on the ALTS.TRADE Exchange

If your looking to buy or sell some NuShares, the exchange ALTS. TRADE has some availble…

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would be nice having alts trade with a layout of the Markets filtering list of coins to be on top of each other than side by side it would leave more space on trading platform on right also a trollbox would be great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In this case CCEDK and ALLCOINS look more interesting, in my mind. 1st and 2nd place in 24h volumes, accordingly, if i can believe coinmarketcap. And CCEDK also looks more interesting from day to day in nsr, as they putted amounts in trade, as their media tell. Brave guys, including general decline of NU.

But general question is how can i get for this moment real price of NSR in relation with BTC, for example? Anyone knows, is NU support NSR-currency? I had amounts at BTER, Exco, CCEDK and always known price, because it was almost the same in three exchanges and trades were very often. But current amount of trade doesn’t make me sure, that price is actual. Could anyone from big bosses of NU answer for their plans about NSR? Or any ideas from usual citizens of NU-city?

@goye For me it’s more about diversification especially when exchanges we’re having trouble being hack or trouble with each other. So I decided to support ALTS. TRADE as the new kids on the block that truly are trying to make thing better for our ecosystem…

@NubitGuy, I’m sure they will be updating soon with new feature… At the moment they’re working hard (with some of the best in the field) especially with regards to security, to keep our NuShares and Nubits safe… “First things first, last things last!”

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THE TRADING FLOOR IS OPEN @ ALTS. TRADES if you would like some buy some NSR!

Maybe people are turned off by your obvious attempts at getting people to trade on your site in every thread while pretending you are not part of the staff. That kind of dishonesty is really off putting.

@tehter sorry, if this offends you, me trying to help an exchange and NSR at the same time. And just to be clear I’m not part of their staff, just like I’m not part of the NuTeam but I have gone out of my way to help NuBits get a deal In North America. Why don’t you ask around? The Floor is yours! :sunglasses:

PS. What exchange do you work for?!

never-mind you just joined yesterday! :smile:

Poloniex also offers a NSR market now:

Quick update:

I’ve been trading @ALTS_Trade for a few days and nights (without sleep) and it’s all good as well. I can deposit and withdraw safe and quick. I’ve moved my coins in and out a few times and it works just fine. I can’t wait till every exchange is back online and we’re back to normal.