Token goes down. Wait or sell?

We all know that the situation with market is not that good as we want it to be. Thus it affects a lot of ICO projects. On the one hand people don’t invest in coin so much money as they did last year. On the other bounty hunters sell tokens fast and the price goes very low. That is why some projects prefer list their token on Index first. They want to see how a coin plays on market.

And what investors should do in such situation? Sell all they have for small money or wait until a token will go up?

I’m asking as a person working in such project. After ICO token price went down ( KCY, I’m sure you heard of it ).

What is your idea?

Hi, In this period of dip, I think the best and most profitable thing to do is to hold your coin patiently until when the market recover fully from the bear because selling now will be at more loss but if you hold, when the market recover and the bull run starts, the price will rise.