To recover the peg you guys need recover the trust, deal with the situation!

I am just trying to figure out how this project woks, I been in crypto for while and i have lot experience. My Advice is! To you recover the PEG you need recover the TRUST of nubits. You guys need deal with this guy on youtube because the reality is, nobody will purchase nubits if they dont trust. A small research show all his videos on youtube. So deal with him first. Burn coins or anything else is waste time. Its like try to dry ice, the end of the day you gonna sell your coin to yourself. Be smart.


Not sure about the source of this, but please read the forum and who is posting. In every project there are disgruntled people, you can’t just ‘fix’ them. Best to leave them alone as I believe they are wasting their energy on something negative. The project is burning coins so on it’s way back.


Seems all the essential links are dead. There’s no working explorer or github source. Any updates on this?

The explorer is at and works fine. Only the link on the web site is broken. I have no idea why.

Is there also a github?

There was I think a link to bitbucket on the web page before it broke. I don’t know what the correct link is now.

EDIT: I found this in google, seems like this is probably it:

The only thing i see here in a bunch of liars ! This forum is a joke !

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I am sure you are a nice person in real life, there is no need to become a mindless troll even if you have the protection of the computer screen.

Where exactly did you catch anyone with a lie?


It’s obviously the guy who made that video posting this thinking he is going to get paid back somehow. Just sit on your NuBits and wait until the peg is restored. Don’t sell them at a loss. It may be some time, but eventually you should be able to get the full value of your money back.

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