Thesis on stablecurrencies and Nubits

Hello to everybody!
I’m an economic students passionate about cryptocurrencies and in particular about the concept of stablecurrency.
I decided to focus on Bitshares and NU for my thesis and found an interested professor (not easy!) and I would like to ask for a little bit of help: I need some historical data about the value of Nubits and NuShares since the creation of the currency in order to make an econometrical analysis and, in general, I would really appreciate every kind of suggestion or advise from the members of the NuShares community.
Thanks a lot for your help!


is probably the best place to track data about the price since our launch.

NSR too.

is probably the best place to find an organized list of important events related to the evolution of our project.

I’m not sure if the raw data is available through their API or not.

Ciao @Filippo, un piacere :wink:

We will be happy to help you out. Is this a bacherlor or master thesis?

here is some more data scraped from coinmarketcap every 8 hours :

2 Likes shows some great images demonstrating NuBits’ performance vs. other cryptocurrencies.

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Hi guys!
Thanks a lot for your answers, these data are really usefull! Maybe I’ll ask you for some further suggestion later, and anyway I’ll send you the result of the analysis

Piacere @desrever ;), it’s a master thesis, thanks for the data!