The world's first trustless cryptocurrency exchange

Some possible assets to be added:

  • Ethereum
  • Colored coins (USD, company stock, etc.)
  • Sidechains
  • Nubits
  • Filecoin

It’s great to see NuBits mentioned in places like this. It just goes to show how far our branding and project success have permeated the crypto-world.


“Many more currencies and crypto-assets will be added in the future if they are in high demand by Mercury users. Rather than supporting all altcoins, I strongly believe in only supporting cryptocurrencies that provide real value, especially innovative “Bitcoin 2.0” technologies.”

It’s always nice to be listed with heavyweight projects like Ethereum and Sidechains. We’re on the right track with our branding. The challenge will be to continually expand our overall brand awareness while maintaining the perceived product quality we’ve created. Open-sourcing will be a big boost for us in that area.


NuBits answers a huge dilemma facing decentralized exchanges with regards to how to handle fiat trading pairs. I am really excited for this.


Perhaps some of us should reach out and volunteer to be testers? If this decentralized exchange works as intended, I would think there will be a number of useful benefits for NuBits. I know @erasmospunk is very interested in decentralized exchange applications.

This is a very exciting development indeed and will be a major step to moving away from the last remaining centralized and not very transparent components in the cryptocoin ecosystem. And great to see NuBits mentioned as being considered to be added. Would be great if we could contribute somehow to this important project.

Not to belabor the point, but I have strong doubts whether NuBits will be added if it is still closed-source. Mappum has already announced that he has open-sourced Mercury Exchange. We run the risk of other stable-value projects being used instead of us if we’re still closed-source.


Off-topic: As I have said in the other thread, when other stable coin projects surface, it is definitely time to open source… And that might happen soon, but until then we have an advantage of being closed source imo.

Is it possible for NuBot to run on a decentralized exchange? We wouldn’t have a NBT/USD pair at least.

Now that there will be a real dex, it is worth exploring :slight_smile:

I imagine it will require some changes “here and there”


Anyone who is interested. Mercury is posting an Alpha client in next 24h or so. Only Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin in this v0.1. Hope they will add NuBits as soon as our code is published.

Watch OP here: