The Rock Trading Exchange

I think we should have LPC at this exchange. I have nothing with this exchange and I just want to state this is good alternative for all those fishy exchanges in China which we use now.


  • they are around for quite some time and enjoy certain respect among community
  • they did not have any major security issues as far as I can remember
  • no :banana: coins, which is also good indicator of serious exchange.

I found them some years ago, and never used them due to low volume. Now I have rediscovered them by learning about GreenAddress Bitcoin wallet.

This is cool, and with tweaks to NuBot most of Bitcoin needed for liquidity could be kept at LPC (Tier 3, right?) and transfered on exchange on demand.

What exactly is an 'instant greenaddress transaction?
Your transactions are protected by both your signature and by a signature we apply when we get your permission via two factor. With this protection, comes the fact that people receiving Bitcoin from you can trust the funds instantly as we provide a ‘special’ signature to your transaction when you require instant confirmation.


They recently partnered with Vogogo, a very legitimate payment processor that I have used previously, so that’s a good sign. I don’t see a NuBits market however - do you have a contact at the exchange we could speak to?

They don’t have NuBits market. I guess they don’t know about Nu yet. Someone should tell them about us and warn them that we are going open-source soon and if possible start the talks.

No, I do not have contact there. Can you check out their contact page?

vogogo is interesting;

They certainly look like a good partner checking their track record and website. Looks professional and subject to EU laws being in Malta.