The problem is not merchant acceptance. It's consumer incentive

It’s like you guys have been brainwashed and can only think in terms of merchants and consumers, there’s no other role in the world. What about savers? All that is needed for Bitcoin to go to the moon is having an easy way to keep your coins safe. More and more smart people will then start using it to store their wealth or transfer it across borders. Then other people will follow. Then moon.

Yeaaah… about that…

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“Merchants accepting Bitcoin does not give your average joe a reason to
buy bitcoins and then spend them. Most of the time, it’s cheaper for
the consumer to pay in fiat.”

—> What would be the fees incurred to consumers when they pay in NBT? compared to fiat

Time spent converting fiat into NBT, along with any fees or additional costs that might incur.

Would it be more expensive or cheaper than credit card companies?

As a consumer it’s more expensive to use cryptos, as a merchant I really have no idea. I don’t know what credit card companies charge per transaction.

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