The NuBits Ecosystem : Voting, Parking, Liquidity And Where To Get Some NBT


Nice, in depth article Ronnie.

Does the sentence

Nu solves a critical flaw which can be found in both the Network and Peercoin network.

mean “Bitcion network” where “Network” is?

They also published the NSR article:

EDIT: Can we provide them with a higher resolution image of the NuShares icon? This one looks a bit blurry.

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yes, he has already changed, and yes this was promised as wel. And also tomorrow one on the Motion for open source interweaving the ones from today as well.

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Sentence is changed a I write this

Tks to Cryptoarticles and JP Buntix.
Next is coin telegraph and coindesk :smile:
By the way, @tomjoad, did you contact Maria Jones of coin telegraph ?