The improvements in the operation of NuLagoon

Dear NuShareholders,

In order to use the funds in NuLagoon optimally and serve the need of NuNetwork better, we would like to introduce following improvments in the operation.

  1. NuLagoon built a program to report its Tier3 fund to the network by the Nu 2.0 RPC interface.

  2. The funds placed at Tier 1 will be 10% of the total fund or more.

  3. The funds placed at Tier 1 and Tier 2 will be 20% of the total fund or more.

  4. When there is a crisis in liquidity, for instance, the buy side fund at Tier 1 and Tier 2 is less than Nubits’ daily trading volume, NuLagoon will provide fund to support the liquidity as much as possible and as soon as possible.

  5. When the network-wide Tier1 and Tier2 buy and sell are unbalanced by 10% or more, such as a 60% and 40% split, funds will get moved between Tier3 and Tier2 to balance the network-wide liquidity no less than twice a week.

  6. Next important step: NuLagoon will try to design and create a new pool to offer liquidity service with locked period of time, so that liquidity can be guaranteed even during a network crisis.

We would like to clarify that we will keep improving NuLagoon even though its fee cap is reached, because we are Nushareholders too and hope to gain from the value of NSR. However, we would also like to have your patience and understanding of that NuLagoon’s each step going forward needs time to be carefully assessed and carried out.

Thank you.

NuLagoon manage team


Y’all have a higher pool operator fee than most of the other pools, but damn do you guys earn it.


i like the way you support the NU network and how you progress with it.
god bless NUlagoon :smiley:

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I just visited the NuLagoon website and had a look at
I don’t remember how it looked before, but these graphs are beautiful.
NuLagoon is amazing!

…but be careful if you select “Pool Analysis”; the graph on the right side can be messed up if you click and drag items in the graph.
Don’t worry - reloading the site makes it whole again :wink:

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almost ATH value for all the pools!
of course C pool will always increase step by step :wink:

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