That is what NuBits is made for!

Ok, NuBits can be used for a lot more things, but it would be very nice if NuBits were supported by that as well:
How comfortable can this be used by a combination of the Android wallet and shapeshift?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an automatic shapeshift converter integrated in the Android wallet?

Seems to be in use by some companies:


Working on a design for the official Android wallet and Shapeshift API integration. The App would accept several cryptocoins and exchange them to NuBits and vice versa for payments. It is not that easy and won’t be a bargain to build. Stay tuned please.

Edit: the integration with the backend is for merchants important. You wouldn’t achieve that with a standard mobile Android phone without doing a lot of integration work.

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Being no programmer I might be a little bit naive when I try to imagine how difficult it is to implement that “Shapeshift payment proxy”.
In my limited view it works this way (simple scenario; supporting only payment with NBT at a merchant that accepts only BTC, LTC, etc.):

  • the NuBits wallet is capable of interpreting QR codes that contain information about a, say BTC transaction
  • the"Shapeshift proxy" sets the receive address and amount to the one from the QR code and gets a conversion rate
  • the total amount in NBT gets displayed
  • if the exchange rate is ok, NBT transfer to shapeshift gets initiated by user
  • NBT deposit at shapeshift being processed
  • the converted currency (in our example BTC) is transferred to the merchant and the payment is done
  • merchant sees incoming transaction; payment complete

I don’t know how this relates to “the integration with the backend is for merchants”. As a result I don’t understand why this can’t be achieved with a standard mobile Android device.
Why is more than an internet connection and a “shapeshift capable” NuBits wallet necessary?

You just made a simple use case scenario, which is great. But we also need to cater for user validation, errors like inadequate funds based on the rates, inadequate exchange offering (limits) and how you would deal with that. I’m trying to start with a design that is simple and we can always add features and more user-friendliness later.

Regarding backend integration, just think about printing a receipt, tracking stock, financial administration etc. Once you have more than a handful customers a day or you have personnel not trained in cryptocoins you will need pay terminals which integrate all the above mentioned services and just a phone would be inadequate in most occasions. Just to clarify I’m talking the merchant side of things. For the consumer a phone with the App would be perfect.

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