Thank you for the vote of confidence! Now, for the next steps

Fellow Shareholders:

I am humbled that the network decided that my proposal was worthy of consideration and that I was able to receive enough votes for it to pass. Effective as of late night on 18-Sept-2014, the network generated the expansion grant of 1,836,450 NBT (1,800,000 NBT plus the fee of 36450 NBT).

This transaction occurred in block 15,459, and can be viewed in the live block explorer (it still reports as “NSR,” but that is due to a needed system upgrade to correctly display NBT; I understand that this update will be in place before the network launches tomorrow).

I have transferred the fee to a separate address making sure that future movements of the grant NBT can be easily followed. That transaction hash is 4a582fbb13e223ecbfa127b83ad139101b5e7b313f40cb30adf913a84936edc2 and can be viewed in the explorer once the network catches up.

Now, with tomorrow being the big day, there is still a lot of coordination to undertake. I will be working with representatives from both BTER and CCEDK to make sure that everything is in order on their sides, and that they are ready to receive their split of the liquidity funds and make them available in my account.

In the meantime, because the network chain is available and live, and because I would like to make sure that we put our best side forward with our sell-side and buy-side positions, I would like to make the community an offer.

I’d like to make the option available for anyone who is interested in exchanging PPC or BTC for NBT at a current rate of $1.00/NBT. Any funds sold during the period of time between the posting of this topic and when the active trading will be contributing to the “Period 1” sales goal. There is no difference for the shareholders between funds sold in this manner, vs. funds sold on the exchange. 10% of the funds will be reserved for dividends, and the other 90% will be deposited on BTER and CCEDK in proportions equal to how the initial funds will be allocated between the two.

For the next day you can save yourself the exchange fee by doing it now, but once the exchanges are available, these “off-exchange” transactions will no longer be available.

This offer has been made because we have found ourselves in a position where our buy-side liquidity will be weaker than previously expected. This action, if anyone takes advantage of it, will allow me to place funds immediately on buy support.

Also, this is presented under the assumption that the community will likely view this offer as an extension of the proposal and not a modification. If you have concerns about the offer, or want clarification on anything please ask.

You are welcome to contact me using any of the methods listed in my proposal (email, BM, or through a PM here). I will be publicly announcing any pre-trading sale amounts, but the “who” will be kept confidential.

I’ll be around more frequently now, so you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks and months.



I sent you an email

I’ve had interest in my proposal from a few individuals, but I’d like to extend the period of time that this is available for comment from the Community. I’ve let the people interested know that I will honor their purchase requests under the terms outlined above if I don’t hear anything back within the next two hours (16:30 UTC).

If anyone has objections to this proposal, please voice them now.

I have had no objections to this proposal from the Community, so sales will commence to those that contacted me.

For what it’s worth, I approve of this proposal. :smile: