today I watched and wanted to share it here, because I think it has some overlap with Nu. It shows the Swiss model vs. the EU model. And I like to think Nu has somekind the Swiss model, where there is voted about ever small thing by the people. Instead of the EU technocracy where the people are not important anymore. In the long run theoretically it could be possible for 1 billion people to have NuShares, and it would be awesome if this is distributed among the global population, 1 share among 10 people, maybe not in this model , I’m sure there are more things to consider (geographics and what not), but it is a step towards a more free and more peaceful world, please watch (yes im pasting the url again) it is very interesting , I don’t know why I didn’t know about the Swiss model (probably thanks to state television brainwashing)


Thank you for the post. I will watch it later tonight. Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

That was really interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing.

Very interesting indeed. Will keep an eye on the Swiss from now one. Might guide me in how I think we should move forward with NuBits.

thanks for the link. Take also a look at Flutarchy

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