Task management with Trello (?)

I would suggest we start using a software for managing team-wide-tasks. If we do so - without introducing overhead - we will improve transparency and be aware of :

  • Who is doing what
  • What are the most urgent priorities
  • Vote on taks
  • Visualize our current status

I personally suggest we try for a period with Trello which is simple enough, but at the same time allow a great degree of flexibility to configure our workflow. (ok, ok, they paid me) .

I created an group (groups are called organizations on Trello) to play around with : https://trello.com/nuteam1

I also created an hypothetical board filled with hypothetical cards (tasks) :

To access them you’d need an account. Once you created it, please provide me with the username or email and I will invite you to join the organisation.

I’m already playing with it. learning my way around it.

Is this specific for developers? Or would it be of use for non-dev activities and tasks?

All kind of tasks! I just created one Dev-Board to let others play around with features.

Ok, please invite me to the organisation. Just created an account under my Cybnate alias. Just curious to find out its use and play around a bit.

Done. You should now be able to add yourself to the dev board and create new board .