Tashe - Liquidity as a Service


Our main product is LaaS™ (Liquidity as a Service). We provide both crypto and fiat liquidity to various cryptocurrency companies like exchanges, institutions, miners and payment processor. With our proprietary software and technology, combined with our trading/market making expertise on top of our legal and banking infrastructure, we are creating the “sewers & pipes” for the back-end of the new financial paradigm. On top of everything, we do not charge for this service but we do generate revenue. Tashe can also provide automated risk management via FX management and other hedging capabilities to our partners.

Our main value proposition is that we allow any cryptocurrency company to focus on what they do best and let us handle the heavy lifting of providing liquidity. Whether they are an exchange that needs to focus on customer acquisition and retention or a Bitcoin ATM provider, building and servicing their machines. We service the “cryptocurrency gold rush”.

That name seems strange to me.

interesting, if they do it for free.