[suspended] Cryptog's Nu data feeds - BETA


@cryptog are you finally done with Nu? Take a look at my post here.


I am nearing the end seriously. I am seriously considering getting back to peercoin. Your achievements look tremendous.


admin please remove my moderators right.


I am sad to announce that i am leaving this community after receiving attacks on my person from angered nubits holders (within telegram) believing that i am the creator of the coin.
After almost 4 years, the project got too much centralized with no communication from @Phoenix and @jooize about the next course of action on the peg restoration.
It s sad but it was a nice experiment.
i believe that there are still some chance about the peg restoration but i do not want to contribute to community efforts any longer.
Good luck.


@cryptog, Nice to meet you, wish we work together in future.


Can anyone please provide me with a working Nubits wallet download link? It is broken from the download page, thanks in advance.