When will the peg be restored for NBT?

It’s been almost 2 months since Nubits lost the dollar peg so when can we expect it to be restored.Lately NBT seems to go down with BTC but it was the opposite everytime.

very nice

It really sucks to see how many people were burnt by the shady tactics of jooze & phoenix. They’ve raped this project dry and left all of you completely shit out of luck with absolutely no remorse. I can’t say I didn’t warn everyone that I could… If you look in the forum history I’m probably one of the last reasonable minds who attempted to reason with this team before the criminal fraud & foul play became overwhelmingly apparent :confused:

The principle idea of NuBits is still one that could be achieved and be great when done so right. USDT is not the answer & BitUSD doesn’t fully service the crypto industry… Sucks that this completely incompetent & entirely centralized “team” (crooks) have left such a bad taste in everyone’s mouths in regards to this concept :frowning:

The Nu Network was only missing decentralization and a developed distributed system of managing custodians and network authority oversight. There was absolutely no oversight whatsoever. They (jooze & phoenix) just filled their BTC wallets on other people’s dimes during the gains and pulled their buy orders refusing to take a loss or dip into their stolen play money when the BTC markets crashed. There were never full liquidity reports or third-party access for verification of exchange accounts etc

Sigmike is still one of the best blockchain engineers I’ve seen work and did great on the NuBits source code. At this point due to no fault of his own he’s not really received the recognition he deserves only because of the poor management performed by others. :confused:

I’m glad I got out of this project when I did. I tried to point out Jordan/Phoenix’s shady tactics. Hopefully I reached some people so they didn’t lose too much.

Sigmike is back working on the Peercoin Team now, so he still has a chance to be recognized for his outstanding work. After two years we’re nearly finished working on the PeerAssets protocol. The first PeerAssets based DAC Indicium is still coming. We partnered with StakeBox. We just got supported by the Ledger Nano S. The Peercoin Foundation was just established and we currently have about $50k in donations with more to come. Good times are ahead for Peercoin holders. Anyone who crossed over from Peercoin to NuBits when this project started is free to return. We welcome you back with open arms! :slightly_smiling_face:


Impressive achievements from Peercoin…to say the least.