Support for volume on HitBTC

Nu community,

HitBTC has agreed to add us to their market - which is a blessing. But we need to take it a step farther. We need them to create a USD/NBT pair. But in the past they have stated they would like to see trade volume on NBT/BTC before they add another pair.

To that end, I’m making a pledge: I used to do most of my NBT/BTC conversion to feed my LP operations on Polo. But I am shifting to HitBTC with the goal to up the volume.

I want to see a USD/NBT pair. I’d love to see a EUR/NBT pair too.

But I can’t do it alone. Will you the community help? Who is with me?

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Do we have an ALP wrapper for HitBTC yet? We should set up a pool there.

Only Henry’s pool is operating on HitBTC.
I too have this question.

That’s right. NuLagoon is operating on HitBTC.

HitBTC is a great exchange. We once encouraged the community to have a try.

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@willy @woolly_sammoth What’s the status on a wrapper here? I’m sure shareholders will compensate any work done, if that’s the obstacle. HitBTC has shown some good volume recently, and an ALP there would be fantastic. Both I and @nmei have shown interest in operating such a pool, so all we’re waiting for is a wrapper.

Pybot development has basically halted since @woolly_sammoth is getting closer to ALPv2 with NuBot integration (which has the wrapper) with every day.