Strategic marketing: transferring & remittances

Looking at, it seems to me as if “Transferring” is the second area where real-world NuBits adoption could occur. The first being “Trading” as a hedge in crypto downturns like the situation we’re watching today.

An ideal target country would be one that has a) a large amount of annual remittances, b) a reliable exchange, and c) a technologically-literate user base.

In my mind, this initial ideal country is China. The country transacted approximately $57 billion in remittances in 2011. It has a reliable NuBits exchange (BTER), and a population that is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies.

What would be the best way to begin targeting this market? I was thinking that creating a Chinese-language user guide showing how a NuBit remittance transaction would be completed would be helpful. Distribution of this guide could then occur in appropriate channels. Bitcoin has largely failed in remittances because of its extreme volatility, but NuBits is tailor-made to satisfy those needs.

Sounds like a plan. Best to team up with a few of our Chinese forum members. They might be able to help out with the translation.

User guide should be very simple. It is basically an instruction on how to use the wallet. Maybe we can use one of @Chronos videos with Chinese subtitles to show part of the process.

Here is a quick outline e.g.
When you already have NuBits in your wallet go to step 6 else start with 1

  1. Download wallet from

  2. Run setup and encrypt wallet (watch video 1)

  3. Open account at exchange (

  4. Trade your currencies for NuBits (watch video 2)

  5. Transfer NuBits from exchange to wallet (watch video 3)
    (or transfer direct into wallet of receiving party)

  6. Ask receiving party to do step 1 and 2 and ask them to send you their Nubits address (video 4).

I think we need to have the right supporting video material to make it successful as many users would not be that IT savvy.

Excellent start Cybnate. I’m going to make this a project for this week. The existing videos we have from Chronos are fine (the Sending and Receiving one in particular). Will begin working on a supplementary marketing piece that clearly outlines process & benefits, and then work with members of our Chinese community to translate.

I would be open to a contract to produce further videos, to support this plan.

I also recently put forward a general “Intro to NuBits” video proposal, roughly parallel to Intro to Peercoin, that’s on temporary hold until the protocol settles into a more concrete state. (For example, we might add NBT burn functionality, which would significantly alter such a video.)