Stake minting rate of blockshares decreased dramatically

I’ve been minting on my Pi several months in a row without restarting it. I used to mint like 12-20 blocks per day every day but lately minting slowed down to 0-4 blocks per day. I minted 18 blocks on the 5th of February and after that it went down to 6 until yesterday I minted no blocks at all. I think I will need to check out the Pi to see its status, perhaps bcexchanged is suffering the same problem that nud in Summer when I was no longer able to mint any nushares at all due to excessive RAM usage? Or perhaps difficulty has skyrocketed? Any explanations and guidance on what should I do to debug the situation is appreciated.

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I minted a lot yesterday (by random chance I think).

I restarted the Pi and it started minting successfully. I found out from the debug.log file that there had been a lot of failed HTTP requests to the data feed. Perhaps this somehow broke something?

by successfully I mean more than 10 blocks per day.

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