Stake and minting question

I transferred some Nushares to my wallet 11 days ago, and about 1/3 of it is appearing in ‘Stake’ and the rest in ‘Balance’.

How do I get my full balance to count as stake for minting?

Another question I have is that I owned some of my Nushares when BKS were issued, but when I import my wallet to BKS wallet, nothing shows up.

Is there any way of finding out if BKS are available for specific addresses? Did Nushares need to be actively minting for BKS to be distributed?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: I hope this is in the right place - I couldn’t find any help / Q&A section to ask this in


The stake bit is just how it works. ‘Staked’ means those shares were recently used to find a block and thrrefore cannot be moved from that address for a fixed amount of time. As you time goes on and you find blocks, some of your shares go up as stake and some of those that were already staked become free to mint another block again. Therefore, while minting normally you will always have some portion staked and the rest waiting for their turn to find a block.

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NSR that are listed at “Stake” need to mature (takes 5,020 blocks) in order to get listed in “Balance” again.
Then they need to gather age for 7 days to be eligible for minting again.
Have a look here for more information:

Is there an error message?
Are you sure that importing the NSR wallet worked?
You should see the BKS addresses that are associated with the NSR addresses after you imported the NSR wallet.
You can check the balance for those BKS addresses with, but you should see the balance in the B&C Exchange wallet application as well.
Is your B&C wallet synced or has started to sync?
I don’t know how soon the BKS (that were paid as dividends to NSR holders) were distributed.
If your client hasn’t synced the blockchain until the BKS were distributed, your balance is 0.
If all those explanarions fail, I have only one possible explanation (in case no error occured): you had too little NSR to receive BKS.

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What would be the amount of BKS per NSR?

I think I remember from the PPC distribution, that you had to have a minimum amount of NSR on an address to receive dividends.
I suppose it was the same for the BKS distribution.
I’m not even sure whether I remember that correctly.
Maybe someone can enlighten us.

Thanks for your replies and information - it’s helping me get my head around it all!

I think I had over 10k NSR, but I’m not sure it was in one address at the time of the issue.

I managed to import my NSR wallet after changing the passphrase - B&C exchange may have a bug where it doesn’t properly handle certain special characters in passwords, so once I changed this it imported fine.

However, there was no BKS balance on this wallet, so I’m importing private keys from Coinomi, as I wonder if I had my NSR on there at the time of the issue. Not sure if importing private keys from there will work for this issue, but worth a shot!

If I only had 10k NSR at the time, it’s no big loss, but if I can find a free BKS I will do it, despite how long it takes to import private keys into the NSR wallet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, and it’s great learning a bit more about how this all works!

I can’t say much about the rest, but [quote=“DavidMc0, post:6, topic:3728”]
B&C exchange may have a bug where it doesn’t properly handle certain special characters in passwords
is a problem for lot of wallet apps. Put the passphrase in double quotes (“passphrase”) the next time you have trouble. That might help!
At least spaces or escape characters make trouble; maybe double quotes in the password as well :wink:

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