Stage 2 Marketing Roadmap – Launch!

Over the past few months the demonstrated stability of NuBits has solidified the Nu project as a leader in the emerging area of stable-value digital currencies. As well, since the initial Marketing Roadmap post in November 2014, the market cap of NuShares has risen from about $1,000,000 US to over $5,000,000 US, with a high point of $8,400,000 US. While price is no guarantee of future performance, it shows that most NSR holders currently believe in the future viability of the Nu model. In short, NuBits and NuShares are in great shape and ready to begin moving to new heights.

Our project has reached a point where I’d like to begin focusing on Stage 2 marketing activities. The initial timeline called for Stage 2 to begin in April 2015 but I think we have completed the Stage 1 milestones ahead of schedule. It is time to begin increasing Nu’s presence in the stable-value discussions that will dominate the cryptosphere in 2015. Nu will become synonymous with flexible digital currencies that demonstrate stable value.

You can read the draft “core activities” for Stage 2 in the Marketing Roadmap. Using those as a guide, I’m creating a volunteer infrastructure that will work in collaboration with the core development team. Everything at this point is up for debate of course; I’m hopeful that others will suggest volunteer areas that can improve our project’s visibility.

At a high level Stage 2 will be categorized by increased NuShareholder involvement in grassroots marketing initiatives. As I mentioned in the Marketing Roadmap, in this stage I plan on spending more time overseeing the different volunteer areas to create a wave of activities that all feel quintessentially “Nu”, while setting our overall brand and communications strategy. To do that, I need a volunteer leader (or volunteers) willing to take ownership of the following areas:

1. Community Newsletter

Objective: To publish an informative newsletter once per week on The newsletter will show all current motions and custodial grants being voted on, with relevant addresses and a brief summary of each. Active parking rates will be listed. The newsletter will also highlight important discussions in the community, critical news that might impact Nu in the future, and any big announcements from Jordan Lee or other core developers.

The newsletter will be a one or two page summary that makes it easier for casual NuShareholders to follow developments each week. The newsletter will be published at the same time each week to ensure reliable access.

The volunteer leader will be responsible for collecting all the weekly discussion items from our forum (and elsewhere) and then inserting it into the newsletter template that will be collaboratively developed with the core development team. Additional tasks could include promoting the newsletter in external forums and researching best practices for future newsletters. An example of a best practice may be finding a way to create a simple email subscription database that can be maintained on

2. Business Development

Objective: To create a group willing to contact businesses and services that already use Bitcoin to convince them to support NuBits. These could include payment providers, exchanges, retailers, remittance operators, and more. As well, this group would identify relevant businesses and services that may not yet be using digital currencies but would make excellent candidates to do so based on the value that blockchain technologies like Nu offer. Several tools (such as the Introduction to NuBits video) are available, and more will be coming.

3. Community Outreach

Objective: To create a group willing to constantly discuss NuBits in external forums and in articles about Bitcoin. It is a very low-intensity volunteer area; it is likely that external articles could be posted daily in a Community Outreach sub-forum where volunteers can quickly and conveniently leave intelligent comments. As with the above category, several tools (such as the Introduction to NuBits video) are available, and more will be coming.

4. Talent Recruitment

Objective: To continually find ways to recruit talented and thoughtful people to the community. Nu has already created a reputation for itself of having analytical, results-based problem solving members on this forum. It is likely our community profile will appeal to many others who are becoming disillusioned with the confusing difficulties of promoting both stability and share growth in single-unit projects like Bitcoin.

This group would also be responsible for attracting important thought leaders to the forum – such as economists and academics – who can shape our understanding of the Nu design and improve its performance.

Finally, it would be useful if this group helped attract talented contributors to our paid positions with the Nu project.

Volunteers in this area will enjoy interacting with people and talking about the merits of Nu’s design.

5. Innovation

Objective: This group will spend its time reading through other projects’ forums and websites to find ideas that can be implemented for Nu. There is so much entrepreneurial creativity happening in the cryptocurrency sector right now; these volunteers will simply be harvesting it for Nu consumption.

Please suggest additional volunteer subforums if you see something useful that should be focused on, or better yet that you can contribute to. Note that unlimited volunteers will be encouraged for each area, but I need at least one volunteer leader willing to take full ownership of organizing the area. Until that happens I will continue doing those activities on my own as time permits. These volunteer areas are all in their infancy and I would like to work collaboratively with a volunteer leader on building up each of them.

If you are interested, please send me a note by private message here, an email at,or a BitMessage at BM-NBQwATfqG9tBoVRJGAJzLuwhfBj22aEw. My hope is that volunteering on the project will be a fun way for you to interact with our talented development team, and (ideally) increase the value of the Nu ecosystem at the same time.

A dedicated Marketing forum area is being created this evening, with sub-forums for each of the listed volunteer areas above. It’s time we move our marketing efforts to a place where they match the quality of our product.


Personally, I will endeavor to promote nubits, especially in Japan.
At the same time I will try to recruit LPCs.

I can help particularly with 2 and 3.


Have we found volunteers yet? If not, how can we encourage participation?

I was contacted about the community newsletter. It’s something I’m interested in, but I most likely wouldn’t be able to get involved for another couple weeks. I recommended @Yurizhai to Tomjoad, since he did such a good job with our previous Peercoin newsletters.

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We have found volunteers for Section 1 and Section 3 so far, and I’m in discussions with them to define what each area will be doing. I think our Community Newsletter will be posted weekly by the end of this month.

If you are reading this and think that you would like to take ownership of Business Development, Talent Recruitment, or Innovation, please let us know!